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After a series of unexplainable murders, a detective must find an unseen killer in a world where the entire population can astral-project. 


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After several years in development, we’re extremely excited to finally make O.B.E. a reality. We have hired top-tier artists from Marvel and DC comics to ensure the highest quality. 

We can’t wait for you to enter the world of O.B.E....  



When the key to OBEing (out-of-body experience via astral projection) was discovered by Dr. Nicholas Medlock in 2018, people began to heedlessly OBE without thought for the rules as designed by Medlock or the inevitable consequences of ignoring them. Thirty years later, 20% of the world’s population has been wiped out because of the Reliant epidemic – the addiction to the euphoria that OBEing produces. Reliants have died in large masses due to Astral Atrophication, a state in which they let their bodies waste away because they spend all their time in their astral state. This mass rate of death has led to an entire generation of people who both love and hate OBEing, which has caused rioting, murder, and widespread pessimism. No other war or worldwide epidemic has ever killed so much of the world’s population in such a short span of time as the addiction to OBE.


In the year 2062, the world has been decimated by a generation of Reliants, or people obsessed with OBEing . Strict laws have been enacted to ensure the survival of the human race but, after a series of mysterious astral murders, Detective Nathaniel Cole is brought in to solve the case. As he dives deeper into the evidence, he battles memories of his dead wife and child, both lost to the addiction that OBEing creates. He decides to enlist the help of social worker Amari Riley. 

Together, they uncover the trail of a killer that is somehow slaying his victims while they are in their astral state – previously considered impossible. The investigation leads back to Dr. Nicholas Medlock, the father of O.B.E. But when Dr. Medlock is found brutally murdered, they must come face to face with the grim truth: astral projection is far more than just a state of mind.

With its unusual premise, O.B.E. is a standout concept within the dystopian genre that explores a world filled with unusual landscapes, strange realities, and a population that feeds on itself, all wrapped around a procedural that includes a detective forced to learn how to do exactly what killed his family.


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